Referendum of a Lifetime Event

Revitalizing Democracy with BC-STV

On May 12 British Columbians will exercise their right to vote and they’ll make a choice about how our democracy functions for decades to come.
This year there is a referendum question being asked of all BC voters, whether you want to switch our electoral system to BC-STV.

This is the chance of a lifetime to be part of revitalizing and transforming democracy in BC. Be informed.

The UBC Fair Vote Club is hosting an event next week to get you up to speed and excited about this referendum of a lifetime.


Thursday, March 26, 2009


12:00pm – 2:00pm


The Norm Theatre (in the Student Union Building)


Vancouver, BC

Twitter Tag :

#roal #bcstv

So come out to find out more.
Come out if you care about transforming our democracy!

And let us know you’re coming, let them all know.


  • First Hour
    • Stephen Owen (UBC VP External and former Liberal MP)
    • Jane Sterk (BC Green Leader)
    • Craig Henschel (from the BC Citizen’s Assembly that advised BC-STV)
  • Second Hour
    • Questions and Discussion
    • ACTION – how you can help, what UBC students can do to raise awareness about the referendum

Authorized by the AMS, registered sponsor under the elections Act 604 822 2050

4 Responses to “Referendum of a Lifetime Event”

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  2. Eric Says:

    The time of the event should read 12pm-2pm (noon, not midnight).

  3. […] Referendum of a Lifetime Event […]

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