Old Barn Open House

Open House at the Old Barn Community Centre April 28 at 7pm

If you live on UBC campus in the University Neighbourhoods there will be and Open House Information Session about the Referendum on Electoral Reform during the Provincial Election on May 12. The event is open to all UNA residents and residents of Acadia Park.

Location: The Old Barn Community Centre



Date: April 28, 2009

Time: 7-9pm (Presentation at 7:30pm)

At 7:30pm there will be a short description of the BC-STV system by Art Van Wart and a description of the Citizen’s Assembly that selected BC-STV by one of the members of the Assembly Jill Reilly-Gordon.  There will also be many others on hand to answer your questions about the Citizen’s Assembly, BC-STV and the referendum.

Light refreshments will be served.  If you are already a suppoter of electoral reform stop by and pick up a lawn sign or buttons or bumper stickers to help spread the word.  Our worst enemy in passing BC-STV is lack of awareness and our best weapon is knowledge about the system.

We’ll also have a table out on the square, stop by and say hello if you can’t make it in to the whole event.

Hope to see you there.

Short url to this page http://bit.ly/bcstvatthebarn


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