UBC Students Can Make a Difference

Are you a UBC student or a member of the UBC community?

Did you vote in the recent federal election?

Are you happy with the outcome of that election?

If you are like 62% of Canadians you are not happy with the result. That’s because none of the parties received the number of seats they deserved based on the popular vote. In fact, even if you did vote conservative you should be upset your party did not receive any urban seats, even though they had significant minority votes in the major cities. The system we use in Canada to elect our government, both federally and provincially is called First-past-the-post and it is fundamentally unfair and unrepresentative.

This site is run by the UBC Fair Vote club. We want to raise awareness of the referendum on proportional representation that will be on the ballot in the next BC provincial election. The question is whether to implement a proportional system called Single Transferable Vote (STV) for provincial elections in BC. We believe, the correct answer, the essential answer, is yes.

For more information read about what we do on campus.  Help us make all our votes count for once and begin an electoral revolution in Canada.

You can be help, be part of it.


One Response to “UBC Students Can Make a Difference”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Here are some good links related to the proposed BC-STV:
    http://www.stv.ca/watch (an excellent video that simplifies how to use the system and how votes are counted)
    http://www.citizensassembly.bc.ca/resources/final_report.pdf (The BC Citizens’ Assembly’s report on Electoral Reform: Pages 3-10 outline BC-STV’s benefits and show the problems in the current system)
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BC-STV (BC-STV on wikipedia)
    http://www.bc-ebc.ca/files/pdf/final_report/00_cover.pdf (Pages 5 and 6 of this document propose a new, 20 constituency map of electoral boundaries under BC-STV. The number of representatives to be elected need not change) Interesting pages on Fair Vote Canada: http://www.fairvote.ca/en/ http://www.fairvote.ca/en/democracy_quiz (A fun, one minute democracy quiz that shows the state of democracy in Canada)
    http://www.fairvote.ca/node/148 (A Letterman-esque top-10 list of low points in Canadian elections)

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