Who are we?

FairVoteUBC focuses on electoral reform and how it relates to the students of UBC and the issues they care about. Our democracy is broken, this past election makes this abundantly clear. There is a growing interest in reforming how we vote. People are tired of wasted votes, strategic voting, low turnout and nasty campaigns. There is reason to hope, things can change and on this blog we’ll cover stories that show why we need change and what people are doing about it. With a referendum on STV coming up (May 12, 2009), BC is ground zero for electoral reform in Canada, and the energy of the UBC student population has an important part to play in Canada’s upcoming electoral revolution. Be a part of it.

Do you want to help make real democracy happen in BC? There are many ways:

  • vote for our blog on the VFM contest (this will help fund out efforts)
  • join the discussion on Facebook: in our group(Yes to BC-STV at UBC) or become a fan of this site
  • follow us on Twitter and let us know when you spread the word to someone.
  • Join the club and help us get UBC excited about electoral reform, we need:
    • people to organize events (invited speakers, beer garden,…)
    • people to sit at tables in the SUB, we get lots of questions!
    • people to design posters and flyers
    • writers: we need great content about electoral reform, proportional voting and the referendum.
      We need people to write for this blog, write in campus papers, write letters to the editor…
    • if you’re interested… give us a shout at 
  • help out with FairVote Canada or the STV campaign
  • and whatever you do, vote yes to STV on May 19, 2009!

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