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Getting out of that funk.

November 3, 2009

Reposting from my blog about UBC Professor Michael Byers’ proposal for how to the NDP and Liberals could get our democracy out of the funk it’s in with a little creative thinking.


Why BC-STV is Simpler than FPTP, Two Words, Strategic Voting

April 3, 2009

Strategic voting is one of the things people like to complain about most in our current electoral system. I  wrote about strategic voting during the last federal election and how it has led to creative voting solutions like vote swapping.  Strategic voting is a natural response to an unfair system, if you don’t vote strategically under FPTP then you are not really accepting how your vote is counted. Bernard von Schulmann has a nice article about strategic voting and how BC-STV removes the need to worry about it.  Ideally we would like to have  a system that does not require strategic voting or anything complicated except people expressing their true, honest preferences on election day.

Thats why BC-STV is actually simpler than FPTP.

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