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Ignatieff talks at UBC – but will he Say anything?

January 15, 2010

UBC is being visited today by the Liberal party road tour, Michael Ignatieff will be talking about his and our dreams for Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017.  I’m planning on going, hopeful there is room for questions from the audience. If so I’m going to ask him this:

Will your party commit to working with other opposition parties to address the democratic deficit in Canada? Fair Vote Canada recently sent a letter to your party and the others suggesting some ways to improve democratic representation in Canada.  This is more important now than ever when we have to endure a Conservative minority government that was rejected by 60% of the population and who are willing to reckless abuse the constitutional powers of government to shut down debate and investigations.

So, Mr. Ignatieff, will you commit to working with the other opposition parties to ensure that Canada gets the representation that they actually vote for in Ottawa?

Thank you.

I’ll let you know what he says later…


Resp to CBC The House: Lack of MPs does not mean lack of support

March 28, 2009
(This was an email I sent in response to a discussion on CBC Radio’s The House on Sat, March 28 2009)

Dear Ms. Petty,
One of your guests this morning, while discussing Michael Ignatieff’s new focus on the west, mentioned the failure of the Green party to win a seat in recent elections. While acknowledging that the Green party was the only one to gain new votes he simultaneously dismissed all green (small “g”) voters by saying that Elizabeth May had not done enough to “excite the population” about the green agenda. This is hogwash and you should have called him on it. Read the rest of this entry »