What Next for Electoral Reform in BC? They need to hear from you!

June 9, 2009

From the people at Fair Vote BC:

Thank you for your support of BC-STV and electoral reform in the referendum last month. We are all disappointed that we did not win. However, as reform is still essential, we are picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off, and moving on.

We want your ideas at the June Conference

Will you continue to help? The next two steps are:

1. Contribute ideas to our pre-conference website at http://www.fvbcfuture.pbworks.com, and
2. Bring your energy to our Referendum Review and Future Strategies Conference in Surrey on June 20, 21. To register for the conference go to: http://fvbcreflections.eventbrite.com

Whether you can attend this conference in person or not, we need your ideas and input to ensure that our deliberations reflect the opinions of our en tire supporter base.  To facilitate this, we have created a wiki-type website at www.fvbcfuture.pbworks.com.

You can gain access to this site by visiting it and clicking on “request access” to receive a user name and password. There, you can submit both questions or issues you’d like to see addressed by FVBC and proposals you have for how we can most effectively move forward. Those attending the conference should see themselves as representatives of all supporters, and as such, they should bring to the conference the suggestions from their colleagues. Those suggestions are extremely important and will be grist for the conference on Sunday, but only to the extent that they propose them.


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