Post Referendum : Next Steps

May 15, 2009

I re-posted a scathing yet painfully true analysis by Benoit, a volunteer from North Van, on my other blog as well as some of my own ideas of what went wrong.

But we all need hope and we need to all stick together and figure out what comes next,  especially for the online masses who are so incredibly behind reform.  So, if you aren’t willing to admit defeat, then you can do a few things right now:

  1. Join Fair Vote Canada if you haven’t already
  2. Join these facebook groups to show your support and discuss the next steps for change :
  3. If you’re really keen want and have a social media footprint you want to leverage for this cause join the discussion on this wiki.

And above all, don’t lose hope, and don’t let people tell you that now its decided for all time because people don’t want change.  That’s not what they were asked!

Mark Crowley


One Response to “Post Referendum : Next Steps”

  1. Rob H. Says:

    Funny how perspective means so much. I was just commenting to another how my faith in some degree of sanity coming from the electorate has been restored.

    As an alum of UBC law I am heartened that the B.C. electorate didn’t buy into the snake-oil that was being sold under the guise of “democratic reform”.

    The “new deal” would have, most likely, guaranteed four elected members from Kamloops, for example, and would most likely sound the death knell for small rural areas. Now, perhaps those representatives would be from two or three different parties – but, as we know, party nominees are determined based upon majority vote – and, well, tell me where the majority of the votes are going to come from in a contest between a candidate from Salmon Ar and a candidate from Kamloops.

    STV was a recipe for urban domination at the expense of rural representation.

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