Oh ya, STV, that’s gonna pass this time right? #stvrocks

May 2, 2009

I get this a lot.  There are a lot of people who know about BC-STV, think its a great idea, an obviously great idea and assume its going to pass this time around.  That really gives me hope, I hope they’re right, I really do.  But some polls indicate that a lot of people, half the province or more, don’t even know about the referendum.  So I don’t know what to think except, lets not count our eggs until they’re hatched.  There is only a week and a bit to go, so lets just pretend for the next week that we’re not sure and make sure we do everything we can to make people aware of the importance of this referendum.

Last night there was a great info session with Shoni Field from the campaign and the head of Fair Vote USA, Krist Novoselic.  You might have heard of him from one of his former jobs as bassist for Nirvana….ya, no kidding.  Hey, I got my Nirvana albums signed 🙂  There was great attendance at the event, almost a full house at the theatre in Robson Square and there were young and old in attendance.  One of the things he said that was interesting was that they’ve been trying to get electoral reform in the US and had little traction and they are really looking forward to having a real state sized entity in North America switching from FPTP because it will help their case.  So British Columbians have a chance not just to start the discussion in Canada but in the US as well.  You can read more about what was said last night on twitter at #stvrocks.

So Krist thinks its obvious, the kids with their skateboards last night thought it was obvious, just as the older people who may never have listened to Nirvana but were there anyways.  While I was at the rally today I spoke to a woman in her car while she was waiting at the red light.  She didn’t know what it was, so I explained it to her:

Me (with placard): “We’re going to switch to a more proportional voting system.  So instead of just picking one candidate you get to rank all of them or as many as you like.  Then they’ll use your vote in order down the list.  If your first choice gets eliminated, they go to your second choice.  If your first choice wins and gets twice as many votes as they need, half your vote goes to your second choice.  And instead of just one person for your riding you’ll have 4 or 5 so there is more than one voice represented.  That’s it.”

Her (waiting at red light) : “Oh, that’s it?  That sounds good.  So its going to pass right?”

Me : “We hope so, but we need to get 60% to pass it, so its not easy.”

Her : (with furled brow) “Well, that not fair”

Then the light changed to green and she took a flyer.

So to everyone who says its complicated, how complicated can it be if you can explain it fairly while waiting for a red light?

And to everyone who thinks its obvious it will win, uh ya, it should be, but lets pretend its not for a bit longer, like, until May 12.


2 Responses to “Oh ya, STV, that’s gonna pass this time right? #stvrocks”

  1. Tide Waters Says:

    That’s a great way of presenting BC-STV in as little as a sound byte!

    I hope BC-STV campaigners realize that reaching people of low income, anyone whose annual household income is below $50,000, could be key to winning this thing.

    A just published Harris online poll showed that BC-STV has the greatest popularity among that group. Have written more about it over at my place.

  2. Mark Crowley Says:

    As well they should, the people who are furthest from power have the most to gain from a system that puts the voters first.

    Very interesting numbers, go read Chrystal’s blog! http://challengingthecommonplace.blogspot.com/2009/05/on-boosting-bc-stv-numbers.html

    These groups that already support it need to be really encouraged to get out an vote, even if they don’t vote for a party, this is especially important for young people. Also keep in mind that by those numbers every Liberal or rich person you convert is worth two votes!

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