To Conduct a Ground War, You Need Maps!

April 28, 2009

Less than two weeks to go and the troops are rallying to the cry of voter power at long last. We can make it people, we just need to get some things done to get the word out. Inviting people to meeting is great, but if they don’t come then they don’t come. So the good people at the campaign are encouraging volunteers to get out on the street and spread the word.

These maps will hopefully help in some small way with that. One for #wavingwednesday tomorrow : basically get some friends or meet up with some people at a busy intersection at rush hour and wave banners at cars, hand out flyers and answer questions. Try to go in groups of 3-5 at big bustops, skytrain stations, gas stations, etc. And of course, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to wednesdays, but you know, alliteration is fun.

Read more here.


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