Oh no you didn’t! YouTube Comments Too Much for No-STV

April 24, 2009

novideocomments1 Wow.  Did you see the Pro-FPTP tv commercial put out recently by the No-STV campaign?  No, most people didn’t either, its pretty bad actually.  But its up on youtube, while you’re there make sure you look at the related videos, such as the awesome gummy bear explanation of BC-STV.  But notice the following about the ad when you get there.

No Comments!

Well, they really understand this whole web2.0, social media thing don’t they?  No comments on a video?  People comment on pictures, links, websites, blogs, tweets, recipes, news stories, … on everything!  On Facebook now people are starting whole discussion threads commenting on people’s status messages, which are usually comments to begin with!  Commenting is the whole point!

As was pointed out by some people on Twitter, the discussion on this youtube vdieo was a little one sided, in that there was a lot of people saying how misleading the ad was and one user defending it.

Just one.

Last time I looked there were at around 20 unique users comments on the fault of the video while a single user called No2STV (or something like that) was trying to deal with the flood and counter everyone.

So now they stopped the discussion altogether.  That’s ok.  We’ll have the discussion online elsewhere, shutting down discussion is not the way to use social media, that’s what the social part means.

UPDATE April 29,2009: Now you can view the Yes-for-BC-STV tv ad too! And of course, comments are allowed. Come on, yo have to admit, its lots better than the other ad, whether you agree with it or not (and if you don’t agree, we need to talk…).  Here’s and interesting comparison, I’ll update this every few days until the election:

Video Views Rating
No to BC-STV 2,384 (April 29) 0.5 stars
Yes for BC-STV 3,231 (April 29) 4.5 stars

5 Responses to “Oh no you didn’t! YouTube Comments Too Much for No-STV”

  1. I watched the ad. Creatively and visually, it was quite atrocious. As well, this nonsense of “chopping your vote” is laughable.

  2. Saskboy Says:

    That’s okay with me, the more comments a video gets, the higher it is ranked on the site.

  3. Tom W. Says:

    No link to video = fail. Come on, engage fairly with these idiots – you not linking to their ridiculous video (which I found and watched) is analogous to them closing off comments. It’s not about “doing them any honour”, it’s about picking apart their wrong headed rationale in order to win over more votes!

    UPDATE: Maybe you’re right, I’ve modified the post to include the link. Be sure to give it the rating you feel is appropriate and take a look at related videos, I especially like the gummy bear explanation of BC-STV!

  4. oto kiralama Says:

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  5. If the people of Kamloops, Kimberley, Penticton, Quesnel, Vanderhof, and Trail want power concentrated in the premier’s office where he/she and the unelected staff have more say than the local MLAs, then vote for the antiquated First-Past-the-Post voting system.

    If the people want power concentrated in the voters and their MLAs, vote for BC-STV.

    Don’t let the unelected elites who are running the NO-STV campaign rule over BC.

    Vote for BC-STV on May 12.

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