Sun Run PowerUp! #sunrun

April 19, 2009

My superpower isn’t running, its democracy, but I ran in the Sun Run today, cape and all.  It was a good run, the weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold and no rain or blazing sun.  We had a whole bunch of BC-STV volunteers running and more who showed up afterwards to hand out pamphlets to the crowd leading BC Place.  We got the word out to a lot of people and raised some heads with our capes. Congratulations to everyone on completing their race.

I found that a lot of the people who I talked to already knew about the referendum or were curious to learn more.  I hope everyone had  a fun time. If anyone has pictures of runners with STV shirts or capes let me know or post them up on the facebook group for supporters of BC-STV.

If you saw us in the race and didn’t get to talk to us outside the stadium just head over to, comment to this comment or get into the discussion on  twitter by searching for #bcstv.


One Response to “Sun Run PowerUp! #sunrun”

  1. Ya know, I’m so proud of we “ordinary” citizens – have never met an ordinary person in my life – working together on a common cause. This thing definitely has legs! And Sun Runner legs to boot!

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