FairVote BC AGM A Huge Success

April 18, 2009

Well, we didn’t have wireless so the liveblogging didn’t happen for me, but @jdlh got a few in, check it out.  It was  a great event. There was a packed house, people from the campaign around the Lower Mainland and a bunch of people who had traveled in from other parts of Canada to help out.  The discussions ranged over the whole map from how to answer questions, techniques to spread the word, campaign strategies.  There was lots of vigorous discussion on all that has happened so far from before the Citizen’s Assembly, through that process and up to where we are today.  The one common theme from everyone is that everyone is committed to making history in BC on May 12 and that this referendum is not only the most important issue of this campiagn but of a generation and we must do all we can to seize this opportunity.

On a practical level there were all kinds of ideas discussed for where and how to campaign which will percolate out through all the emails lists you are on, the facebook groups you are in etc.

We also got a sample of our sun run team superhero outfit, Stephen Broscoe donned his cape and sunglasses.  Did anyone get  a picture of him?  Well, tomorrow we’ll have a picture of 30-40 heroes participating in the sunrun with their blue shirts and capes.  Look for us afterwards at the stadium and say hi.  If you aren’t running and want to help out there will be people pamphletting after the race, you can get flyers and a t-shirt at the west side of the stadium starting from 9am.

But the highlight I think was the presentation by Scottish MP Tricia Marwick.  Scotland has experience using STV for all its local elections as well as using another PR system for its parliamentary elections.  Her stories were great, I’ll try to summarize some of what she said up here soon, there mayb even be a video online of her speaking.

That’s all for now, gotta get ready for the run tomorrow. More highlights to come…


2 Responses to “FairVote BC AGM A Huge Success”

  1. Appreciate the update. Had been wondering how the event happened but couldn’t find anything online about it. Wish I’d been able to attend!

  2. Mark Crowley Says:

    You were missed Chrystal, at least by two of us, I was talking to Dave Meslin about blogging and twitter, we’ll be in touch I think 🙂

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