Quickly Ballotbox! To the electoralreformobile!

April 17, 2009

When we last left our hero, VoteMan, he had been defeated by the misguided henchmen Apathyon and Disinformationatrix.  Now, after a time of exile in his Citizen’s Assembly of solitude deep in the mountains of BC, VoteMan has returned!  With his trusty sidekick Ballotbox they will rid the province of wasted votes and ensure the people of BC get the government they want rather than having to resort to their own limited Strategic Voting powers.

Look for your electoral reform superheros this Sunday in the Sun Run and give them a cheer, they’ll be easy to spot in blue capes.  Then after the run look for even more heroes outside and inside the stadium, get a button, get a t-shirt and help defeat Apathyon and Disinformationatrix once and for all.

Power up your vote, say “Yes” to BC-STV!


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