Run for Democracy!

April 8, 2009

Sometimes saving democracy means you have to work up a bit of a sweat, you have to hit the pavement and spread the word.  On Sunday April 19 there is an opportunity to do just that for the runners out there.

The Sun Run is that weekend, its one of the largest 10km runs in North America with 40-50,000 people every year.  Hopefully we can put a few blue drops in that bery large bucket on Sunday.

If you are a suppoter of BC-STV and are running in the Sun Run anyways, get a tshirt and where that for your run.  If you are really nice when you go to the office maybe you can even get a cape!  Details are not finalized yet, check this space or login to the site and look up Sun Run in the discussion forums.  But we will all hopefully meet together at the start or at least in the end at BC place and get picture of our unofficial Sun Run  team.


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  1. […] forget about the 24 Days to Victory event this saturday and our plans for the Sun Run on sunday. Posted in BC-STV, coalition, election. Tags: bcstv, coalition, electoral reform, […]

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