That was a Great Farm Trek

April 7, 2009

The Great Farm Trek of 2009 is over and it really lived up to the hype.  It was an exciting, enormous mass of people moving down the avenues of UBC.  There was music, singing and dancing.  There were chants and slogans.  There were signs and pamphlets and buttons from many different causes.  Our hardy, blue shirted band of BC-STVers were part of this sea of people,  around ten of us by the end of it.  The word got out, many words did, some eyes were opened and fun was had by all.

They were a very welcoming crowd and we were glad to feel welcome, most people were already aware of the referendum or interested to hear more.  I think a lot of people had a very open mind about how a new way of voting has an enormous opportunity to make government hear the voices of all those that haven’t been heard for all these years.

The FairVoteUBC club will be at the SUB again tomorrow, up on the top area out front where the hotdogs and burgers are. If you didn’t find us in the crowd today to grab some buttons or tshirts come find us tomorrow.  We may also be mingling in the crowd of the AMS Block party tomorrow night, cause, you know, “democracy rocks!”….groan.  But seriously, it totally does.


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