Save the Farm and Save Democracy, All in One Day!

April 6, 2009

This tuesday April 7 at 3:30 there will be a rally for supporting keeping the current size and boundaries of the UBC farm, its called the “Great Farm Trek 2009“.  There will be great speakers, food, music and its a big end of term rally for  a cause loads of people believe passionately in.

Electoral reform is another issues lots of people believe passionately in and it has the wonderful meta-property that whatever cause you believe passionately in, a more fair voting system willl greatly increase the power of your vote and your ability to sway Victoria to your way of thinking.  For young people and those concerned about environmental policy or social justice issues their voice will increase tremendously beyond what it is now in the provincial legislature if we switch to BC-STV.  So the people marching tomorrow to save the farm are exactly the people who should be passionately supporting a “Yes” in the upcoming provincial referendum.

If you are planning to go to the Great Farm Trek on tuesday then let your other passion show and help raise awareness at the same time.  What we need now is for those who understand the historic opportunity we have on May 12 to become active and spread the word.

Join us on Tuesday, some of the Fair Vote UBC club will be mingling in the crowd tomorrow with blue shirts supporting BC-STV and handing out pamphlets and buttons to anyone who wants them.   If you support switching to a fair voting system then find us tomorrow and get a shirt or button off us. If there are enough of us maybe we’ll remind David Suziki to mention the importance of the referendum for environmental issues, he’s a big supporter and will be speaking at the end of the Trek at the Farm itself. You can also find us in the SUB near the food court all this week until Wednesday to get t-shirts, buttons or further information.


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