What about local representation?

March 23, 2009

People are joing the STV fold every day.  Read this great post over at National Politick for an easy to understand explanation of BC-STV and its benefits over other fair voting systems.  On his question about the fear of loss of local representation in multi-member ridings, its true that everyone in the new larger ridings gets a say over the same set of candidates. But if there are local issues that concern people in New Wesminster, for example, over areas in Burnaby, then someone running on those issues will be able to get enough support for it.  The reverse question is whether there are issues that  cross the Burnaby/New West boundaries that are currently not being represented because there are local candidates running in divided areas that each appeal to the largest minority and win.  The smaller minority opinions never get a voice because the largest minority always wins.

BC-STV rewards candidates who run on issues that appeal to a portion of the electorate.  If a large enough portion agrees in the importance of those issues enough to rank them even second or third then there is a good chance those candidates will win.  If there are five MLAs, then thats five different personalities and five different sets of issues that can be chosen.  So while New West isn’t guaranteed a local homegrown candidate to represent everyone, BC-STV that not everyone has the same set of issues and allows them to help pick five candidates to properly represent the spectrum of beliefs and concerns in the community more accurately.


2 Responses to “What about local representation?”

  1. Thanks for the link, Mark. BC-STV is an important thing to get out there to the people and give them a straight forward explanation for how it works. Keep up the good work, and I will check back up on your page frequently.

    Russ Miller, National Politick

  2. […] My correspondence with Craig proved quite productive, he provided me with many great reasons that lack of local-representation would not be a problem  under the BC-STV. He noted that in a multi-member riding, there would always be someone waiting to set up and unseat you during the next election, thereby making sure that the MLA is going to pay attention to their constituents, and make sure that they are representing them to the fullest extent that they can. You can read his emails in the link prior (it is in .odt format), he provides a great analysis of how the BC-STV will compare to our current system and the fairness it will bring to our democracy. Also, read this post from the Fair-Vote UBC blog here. […]

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