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February 22, 2009

An excellent article on BC-STV and the recent debate between Shoni Field (Of the Citizens Assembly) and David Shreck (Of the FPTP side).

This Blog post is written for the Ontario MMP campaign, but is equally applicable to BC (BC-STV should also fix this).  It discusses how under FPTP only a few swing voters in swing ridings matter much, while the rest of us can be ignored or taken for granted.  For example, if 1300 voters in key swing ridings had voted differently last election, we would now have an NDP government.

New York Used STV for ten years, but then got rid of it because some Blacks and Communists were actually getting elected…

How our current FPTP voting system divides region against region (This is particularly problematic federally):

Why the BC-STV referendum is particularly important for students (And youth):

Why would B.C. change its voting system to STV which is used in just a few countries?   Because, whereas most voting systems are designed by politicians to work for politicians, BC-STV is a voting system designed by our fellow voters in the Citizens’ Assembly to work for voters!


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