FaceBook FairVote Group reopened!

December 17, 2008

Last week the people at FairVote Canada made a change to the way their FaceBook group worked as we discussed in a recent post.  The idea was to keep the group under 5000 so they could continue to send out messages.  Well, there was a lot of discussion about that on the group and they listened to voice of the people and decided that one groupd really makes more sense.  Yay FairVote Canada!  Lets use this as an opportunity to rebirth the group!  There are over 5000 members once you merge the two groups and many more people out there signing all kinds of petitions about electoral reform.  If all those people also join FairVote as a kind of petition it will be one more piece of the media puzzle that will get the issue of electoral reform the attention it needs.   When a group on Facebook has a political or social cause and grows quickly to hundreds of thousands of members its enough for a news story in some circles.  So lets get going.  Put the link up on your website, invite your friends, go to these electoral reform petitions : sign them and contact the owners and to list the FairVote Facebook group and the Yes to BC-STV group too.  The more lists the better but lets at least make sure that everyone that cares signs up to all the major ones.


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