Andrew Coyne on Proportional Representation

December 12, 2008

I highly recommend this excellent blog post by Andrew Coyne, which discusses how under proportional representation the differences would be far greater than people voting the same and getting a fair seat count (with the Bloc seat share substantially reduced), and a different coalition as a result.
Under proportional representation people would vote differently (recall all the strategic voting initiatives last election), and voters would have more choice (The Progressive Conservative and Reform parties would still exist). With the hope of a false majority extinguished, any party that wished to be included in the ruling majority coalition government would moderate their policies sufficiently to make them broadly acceptable, and definitely wouldn’t be bringing forward confrontational/controversial legislation for a confidence vote! This would results in government that is more stable and centrist, yet responsive to a diversity of voter interests.
So yes, we would probably have a coalition, but politics and the coalition would likely be very different!

Read the story here:

By: Bruce Krayenhoff


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