The best remedy for election hangover.

November 7, 2008

The Canadian Federal election is now a fading memory behind the glare of the historic and captivating US election.  Now that the Americans have made their choice its enough to leave the committed democracy dependants among us with a horrible election hangover.  As with most hangovers there is one unbeatable (if slightly unhealthy) remedy, more elections.

And thanks to our friend Jean Charest, we don’t even have to go through one morning of withdrawal. Today Prem. Charest announced that he will in fact be calling an election in Quebec as many had anticipated but not quite believed.  It takes  a committed electoral addict to call an election just two and a half weeks after the end of a contentious Federal election and a day after a perhaps even more emotionally taxing election south of the border (obviously the US election should have no bearing on these decisions, but seriously, are you telling me you weren’t watching? I thought so.)

That gets the election adict through to early December. For those of us in Vancouver that overlaps with the impending municipal elections on top of that.  Check back here next week for our analysis of the candidates for Electoral Area A (if you don’t know what that is read this pdf).  We’re hoping to quiz them on their opinions about democratic reform, campagin finance, and the STV referendum.

After that perhaps even the most committed among us can admit a break for the holidays is a good idea.  And recharge for January when it will be time to get fired up again for the big BC provincial election and Referendum on Proportional Represenation.  That’s still a fairly long gap, surely someone can slip in another major election along the way.  We’ll keep you posted.


2 Responses to “The best remedy for election hangover.”

  1. Bruce K Says:

    Actually, there will be the AMS executive elections in January/February with the new Condorcet voting system, and then the election of AMS councilors in March I think! Withdrawal? Fear not!

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