Electoral Reform News from Around the Web

October 29, 2008

A few updates on interesting stories I’ve come across around the web in the past day or two about electoral reform. These links will always show up in our List of links down at the side of the page but I thought I’d point out a few with the context.

The first is this great article by Larry Gordon. Larry was one of the big guys behind the citizen’s assembly on electoral reform that came together in BC and created the BC-STV system that we’re all going to vote for on May 12. (You are gonna vote, right?) I met him in a another quasi-citizen’s-assembly thing a few years ago. I don’t always agree with his politics but you can’t doubt his passion about grass roots democracy and having people’s voices be heard. He’s bang on in this article and hopefully he can be one of the visible figures that drums up interest over the next few months. He’s been on CBC several times, sometimes dropping in as the ‘Western Voice’ on the ‘At Issue Panel’. In fact, another ‘At Issue Panel’ regular, Andrew Coyne, the editor of Macleans also had an article recently where he discusses how horrible our current system is. Mr Coyne fills the ‘conservative’ slot on the panel (note the capitalization) so there is really a chance for this Electoral Reform uprising to be truly bi-partisan.

The last article I want to mention was from today and its not about Canada, its about the US and their impending election. Somebody did some number crunching on how bad their system is, and there are all kinds of scary scenarios where a very small number of people can determine which way the selection for the most powerful job in the world could go. Our system is different than there’s but I think you’d have a hard time arguing its better in any significant way, they are both very bad, first past the post systems.

This isn’t meant to depress you, it should energize you. We need a revolution over this, and it shouldn’t be quiet, so we need non-quiet, energetic people, fond of revolution to get out and change the world.

I wonder where we could find a bunch of people like that?


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